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Thanks to all of the teams who came out to help make the 2013 CIC a display of speed, stamina and mad indoor skills.

This year the tournament featured teams from the GTA, Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary and North Eastern US. Ten women's teams and eight men's teams took to the floor to battle for victory. Many national, ex-national and provincial players were among the teams.

Fierce competition ensued and pool games were all tight. Semi finals were even tighter with the Lions and MFHC on the men's side having to pull out some miraculous goals to beat out Titans and Halifax FHC respectively. The women's semi's both went penalty shoot outs with a last minute goal to draw Toronto United from Toros A, and a last second goal to draw Xcalibur from Toros B - giving the crowd plenty of amusement, and the players and keepers plenty of nerves.

In the women's bronze, Toros A were edged out 7-4 by Xcalibur. The men's bronze saw Titans edge out Halifax FHC in another penalty shoot out after a 4-4 draw in regulation.

The women's final yet again went to another shoot out after 3-3 in regulation, with Toronto United coming out the victors.

The men's final, an incredibly skillful and physical display of hockey, saw Lions victorious in a 4-2 win over Mississauga.

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