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2015 - can't take gold from the Toros or Lions

​Another year, another weekend of great hockey, another tight day of finals, another moment of glory for the Toros and the Lions.

Although so close to knocking off last years winners, the rest of us couldn't quite get the Toronto Toros or the Toronto Lions off the top spot of the podium.

On the women's side, the Toros sailed into the finals with a 7-3 victory over Toronto United, and the Titans narrowly clinched their spot over GOA on the other side.

United narrowly gained the bronze edge over GOA on a shoot out against Angela Lancaster as kicking back, after drawing the match with a minute to go.

The Toros gained a 3-2 victory over the smart Titans side, who gave the fast Toros a run for their money. Maddie Thompson, tournament MVP scored a hattrick in the final.

On the men's side, Old Fort, the crowd pleasing side from Guyana, narrowly lost to the strong Titans team 3-5. While on the other side OKD put on a show but could not stop the Lions winning 6-5.

The bronze was another show with Old Fort beating OKD 7-6 with the game winning goal in the last minute of play from tournament MVP Jason DeSantos.

The final had the Titans take the Lions all the way to a shoot out after an exciting 3-3 match, but the Titans couldn't pull it off.

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