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Your CIC 2016 Winners

Congrats to our winners!

CIC 2016 comes to a close with the usual suspects medalling in the men's competition and some fresh faces on the women's side

Women's Competition Winners:

1. Xcalibur Gryphons

2. Xcalbur Dragons

3. Scorpions

Tournament awards:

Top Scorer - Lexi Davidson #4 Xcalibur Gryphons

Junior Player - Hannah Ackers #90 Xcalibur Dragons

Goalkeeper - Hillary Neeb Scorpions

MVP - Kelee LePage #47 Xcalibur Gryphons

Men's Competition Winners:

1. Toronto Lions

2. OKD

3. Titans

Tournament awards:

Top Scorer - Jonathan Roberts #5 Old Fort

Junior Player - Tarnpreet (TP) #23 Singh OKD

Goalkeeper - Steve Doucet Halifax

MVP - Jonathan Roberts #5 Old Fort

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